Hesters Way & Springbank

Cllr Wendy Flynnwendyflynn.jpg

Cheltenham Borough Councillor for Hesters Way

38 Falkland Place, Cheltenham GL51 0RP

01242 224 928 (landline)

Cllr Simon Wheeler Simon_Wheeler-LibDem_Councillor-Cheltenham-LR.jpg

Cheltenham Borough Councillor for Hesters Way

20 Castlemaine Drive,
Cheltenham GL51 0UA

01242 230 827 (landline)


Top 3 Local Priorities 

  • Footpaths, I would like to see a dedicated budget for walkways as footpaths in Up Hatherley, Benhall & The Reddings are a very poor state 
  • Traffic congestion, roads locally are becoming grid locked at peak times because of recent development and this needs to be addressed before further development goes ahead.
  • Reinstatement of Cheltenham’s A&E. It Is totally unacceptable that a town as large as Cheltenham should not have a totally functional A&E 24 hours a day 7 days a week to serve not only this town but much of the county to the East. It’s not reasonable to expect Gloucester Royal to handle A&E for the whole of our county.

Cllr Suzanne Williamssuzannewilliams.jpg

Cheltenham Borough Councillor for Springbank 

Gloucestershire County Councillor for Hesters Way & Springbank

34 Frank Brookes Road
Cheltenham GL51 0UW

01242 230 648 (landline)

  • Cut waste and inefficiency, not the services local people rely on
  • Work to end the neglect of our roads and pavements
  • Campaign against NHS cuts and urge the government to provide enough money to protect local services such as A&E and Social Care

Cllr Peter Jeffriespetejeffries.jpg

Cheltenham Borough Councillor for Springbank

165 George Readings Way
Cheltenham GL51 0UT

07717 493 686

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