Lib Dems freeze council tax and parking charges for fifth year in a row

The Liberal Democrats majority group on Cheltenham Borough Council are proposing a budget that FREEZES the borough's share of council tax (currently £187.12 a year for a Band D property) for the fifth year running. 


This is despite facing a sharp cut in Government revenue grant funding in the coming year.

Car park charges frozen

In addition, there will also be no increase in car park charges in the coming year, also for the fifth successive year.  The last time car park charges were increased was 2010. 

Efficiency savings

At the same time, front-line services will be protected and maintained.

This excellent result, which will be widely welcomed, has been made possible because the Council has found £686,000 of new efficiency savings. Many of the savings arise from sharing services with other councils and streamlining senior management.

Business rates

The healthy state of the local economy has also meant that the Council's share of business rates income is expected to increase.

Front-line services

Councillor John Rawson, cabinet member for finance, says: "This is a businesslike budget designed to keep costs down while protecting front-line services. It has happened because of the huge amount of work we have done to restructure our services, cut overheads and support the local economy.


"However, the budget also has a heart as well as a head.  It contains a number of measures that have been included, despite the tight financial situation, to improve the lives of local people."

Among the positive features in the budget are:

  • A further £50,000 funding towards the Community Pride grant scheme, which supports a large number of excellent community and environmental improvement projects each year

  • Extending the Council's contract with Cheltenham Housing Aid Centre to deliver outreach and support for people with serious housing needs. 

  • Freezing the charge for the Lifeline alarm service for vulnerable people.

  • Funding more effective measures for controlling urban gulls, which cause a great deal of nuisance and damage in the town.


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