The General Election is a chance for voters in Cheltenham to stop 'hard' Brexit

People in Cheltenham should vote for the Liberal Democrats to prevent a hard Brexit and protect the local NHS and local schools, the party’s candidate and former Lib Dem MP Martin Horwood has said today.

The Prime Minister today called a snap General Election to be held on 8 June, breaking her repeated promises not to do so.

The Liberal Democrats are standing on a clear platform to prevent a hard Brexit by staying in the single market, to reach a sustainable new funding deal to save the NHS

Liberal Democrat candidate Martin Horwood commented: “This election is a huge opportunity for voters in Cheltenham to change the direction of our country and prevent a disastrous hard Brexit.

“People in Cheltenham voted decisively to stay in the EU, but even those who voted Leave certainly didn't vote for the extreme form of Brexit that Theresa May wants to impose on us after Labour helped her to trigger Article 50.

“But this election won't just be about Brexit.  We've all seen the majority of NHS trusts plunge into the red in the last two years making it impossible to restore the local health services we need here, like a full-time A&E in Cheltenham.

"And now we have a full-scale financial crisis facing local schools as well, with spending cuts already biting and a new national formula welcomed by our local Conservative MP expected to leave 15 local schools even worse off.”

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  • commented 2017-04-18 18:18:54 +0100
    Martin – I hope that we can welcome you back to our seat in westminster! I’m voting Lib Dem because of the parties values which most closely align with my own compared with the others. Liberal Democrats have demonstrated that they can influence government policy for the good of all in our nation, by their record in government in the last parliament. Its time to put tuition fees behind us and move forward with positive ambitions!
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