Up Hatherley, Benhall and The Reddings

Cllr Nigel Britternigelbritter.jpg

Cheltenham Borough Councillor for Benhall and The Reddings

Glyndon, The Reddings, Cheltenham GL51 6RL

01452 712 616 (landline)



Cllr Simon Wheeler Simon_Wheeler-LibDem_Councillor-Cheltenham-LR.jpg

Gloucestershire County Councillor for Benhall and Up Hatherley

20 Castlemaine Drive,
Cheltenham GL51 0UA

01242 230 827 (landline)


Top 3 Local Priorities

  • Footpaths, I would like to see a dedicated budget for walkways as footpaths in Up Hatherley, Benhall & The Reddings are a very poor state 
  • Traffic congestion, roads locally are becoming grid locked at peak times because of recent development and this needs to be addressed before further development goes ahead.
  • Reinstatement of Cheltenham’s A&E. It Is totally unacceptable that a town as large as Cheltenham should not have a totally functional A&E 24 hours a day 7 days a week to serve not only this town but much of the county to the East. It’s not reasonable to expect Gloucester Royal to handle A&E for the whole of our county.


Cllr Andrew McKinlayandrewmcKinaly.jpg

Cheltenham Borough Councillor for Up Hatherley

40 Lichfield Drive
Cheltenham GL51 3DH

01242 700 338 (landline)



Cllr Roger Whybornrogerwhyborn.jpg

Cheltenham Borough Councillor for Up Hatherley

42 Fernleigh Crescent
Cheltenham GL51 3QL

01242 231 458 (landline)

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