We love EU citizens

On Wednesday of this week (Valentine’s Day) Liberal Democrats will be delivering cards to EU citizens in the town telling them how much they are appreciated

The Liberal Democrats are concerned about the impact on the local NHS and public services as Brexit begins to deter EU nationals from coming to work in the UK.

EU Citizen Marianna D'arcangelo who lives in Lansdown said “We’ve all heard stories about the rise in hate crime against foreign nationals since the Brexit vote, but thankfully we’ve not seen much of that here in Cheltenham. This town is a lovely place to live. People from the EU and beyond have a valuable contribution to make to the town.”

Cheltenham Lib Dem chairman Alex Hegenbarth added. There are over 3,700 EU Citizens registered to vote here in Cheltenham. These people are our neighbours, our friends, our family and the backbone of many of our services. They deserve to know that we appreciate the positive benefits that they bring to the town.”

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