"Cyclists don’t know what a pothole is” says Tory Councillor

Gloucestershire’s pothole plague isn’t as bad as it might appear, in part because “Cyclists don’t know what a pothole is”, according to a senior Gloucestershire Conservative Councillor.

According to the charity, ‘We Are Cycling UK’, Gloucestershire is 121st out of 214 authorities for filling in potholes in England, Scotland and Wales.  This puts the county in the third quartile for pothole repairs, with less than one in five reported potholes confirmed as repaired in the last year.

The Lib Dems have questioned the man in charge of the county’s roads, Councillor Vernon Smith and asked him to account for this terrible record.  However, in response, Cllr Smith stated that only the council’s own figures should be used, and that anyone else may use a ‘different criteria' for defining a pothole.

Lib Dem councillor Cllr Paul Hodgkinson said: “This is yet another example of the Conservative County Council is refusing to acknowledge that there is a critical problem with our roads and pavements in Gloucestershire. Clearly, council bosses believe that they hold a monopoly on knowledge and show complete disdain for independent voices.”

“Speaking to residents on the doorstep the one issue which gets raised again and again is the terrible state of our roads and pavements.  Yet despite this, the Conservatives keep saying that they are dealing with the problem.  Gloucestershire’s residents deserve better than this and deserve a road network that's fit for purpose."


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