Big improvement to local bus service

After long campaigning by Up Hatherley councillors and residents, the County Council is consulting on running a full daily service on the K bus, instead of the present service of only 5 journeys per day on Mondays to Fridays only

Councillor Roger Whyborn said "I understand that there is a real likelihood of this happening next year, and if the right option is chosen it would add an hourly through service from Warden Hill via Morrisons to Hatherley and back, by a direct route – something which doesn’t happen now, but we have only limited routing details."

Residents will remember that a few years ago the K service was nearly axed altogether – but after a strong campaign the service was not only saved, but the publicity meant more people started to use it.



  • Option 1 runs the K bus through St Marks for Hatherley and Cold Pool Lane. The J bus runs into Benhall for shopping and surgery in the mornings only. Serves Hatherley, Arle Court and Symphony Way hourly on Monday to Saturday, but does not appear to serve Warden Hill.
  • Option 2 runs service K hourly between Morrisons, Warden Hill and Cheltenham via Hatherley and Symphony Way on Monday to Saturday;  Benhall and St Marks being served by a different set of services.

It is important that there is a good response to the County Council survey. You can do this online at Funded Public Transport Survey or email Roger at [email protected]

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