New Budget for Cheltenham

This is a difficult time for council finances - not just in Cheltenham, but across the country. 

We have already seen one council in the country effectively declare itself bust by issuing a notice to stop all non-essential spending because the government hasn’t given them enough to make ends meet – we won’t let that happen here.

What our town deserves right now is strong and clear leadership that is not afraid to propose and make difficult decisions. 

So under the new leadership of Cllr Rowena Hay, Cheltenham Borough Council has re-evaluated its budget to make sure that the numbers add up and our investment is heading in the right direction to take us through this difficult period. 

The Government said it would give us money to cover additional spending and lost income as a result of Covid, but we are still facing a budget deficit in this financial year of £1.831m. The Government's numbers just don't add up.

The grant this council receives from the Government to provide vital services to you has fallen to zero since 2011 – so we’ve made savings of £9.6million since then to make sure we can still deliver those services without their support.

While we have had to reconsider our finances, we haven't compromised on doing what's best for the people of our town.

We have set up the Cheltenham Economic Recovery Taskforce to support the town’s ambitions to rebuild from the crisis caused by the pandemic. 

We are investing a further £1.5m to realise our ambition to make Cheltenham the cyber capital of the UK through the Golden Valley Development.

We are continuing with our major house building investment programme worth £100 million.

We are continuing our work to achieve a carbon-neutral council and carbon-neutral borough by 2030.

We're investing even more into our work to reduce child poverty through the No Child Left Behind scheme.



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