Believing in Cheltenham

The Cheltenham Liberal Democrats’ manifesto for the 2018 borough elections

Cheltenham is a beautiful, green and prosperous town with a wonderful history and heritage. There is much to celebrate in the town, and a great many improvements are under way. Yet Cheltenham also faces many challenges. We cannot simply take the strength of our local economy for granted. We cannot accept the levels of deprivation that exist in some part of the town. More needs to be done to provide decent and secure housing for local people. There is more to do to tackle problems like traffic congestion and anti-social behaviour. 


Liberal Democrats are confident that Cheltenham’s best days lie ahead. To make that aspiration a reality, the town needs a local council that believes in Cheltenham and is prepared to invest in its future. That is the theme which inspires the policies and ideas in this, our 2018 Borough Council manifesto. This is the case for voting Liberal Democrat in the borough elections on Thursday 3rd May.  


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Over the past 10 years, Liberal Democrats in Cheltenham have chalked up an excellent record of maintaining and improving local services, while keeping the Borough’s share of council tax as low as possible.

The contrast with the Tory-controlled County Council is clear. Their environmentally disastrous plans to build a new waste incinerator will cost around £500 million. They are failing to maintain our roads and pavements, which in many parts of Cheltenham are in a shocking condition. Their on-street parking charges and restrictions in Cheltenham are making life hard for residents, businesses and visitors alike. Perhaps most alarming of all, their management of children’s services has repeatedly been condemned by OFSTED as ‘inadequate’.

As Liberal Democrats we reject the idea that, because Government cuts are making our financial circumstances difficult, we should give up our hopes and aspirations for improving the town. We need a council that believes in Cheltenham and invests in its future. 

This manifesto is more than just hopes and ideals. It is work in progress and, if you vote Liberal Democrat on 3rd May, it will continue into the future.