Cheltenham Transport plan phase four scrapped

The Cheltenham Transport Plan was an attempt to improve the environment by encouraging sustainable transport, while revamping our town centre with a new public square.


The final phase won’t be made permanent after the county council, which is in charge of Cheltenham’s roads, decided Boots Corner should be reopened to all traffic.

We regret that the benefits to bus passengers, cyclists, town centre wheelchair users and pedestrians will be lost. But we acknowledge that during the trial people driving across the town centre were inconvenienced. We also acknowledge that some residents experienced increased traffic in their road. That was not our intention and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Working with the county council, the borough council took on the challenge of the Transport Plan with the best of intentions. However, schemes to help environment and transform busy areas will sometimes produce knock-on difficulties.

We also now know that we failed to explain to Cheltenham people what we were proposing and why - we’ll work harder at keeping people informed on future environmental schemes.

The Conservative county council says it is in favour of the sort of environmental results that were achieved during the trial of phase four of the transport plan. We urge them to consider this more carefully in any future transport proposals.

  • We also implore the county Conservatives to invest in local bus routes, pedestrian facilities and cycle routes, and to fix our potholed roads.

The climate emergency is too big to ignore in favour of short-term political squabbles and the Liberal Democrat borough council will continue to look for sustainable solutions to the challenges facing our town.

We hope local people will work together and with us as we meet the challenge ahead.

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