Taking action on the Climate Emergency in Cheltenham

For World Environment Day, we want to highlight some of the work being done by Cheltenham Liberal Democrats to tackle the Climate Emergency. 

So here are 12 of things we are doing - there are more too - via the Lib Dem led Cheltenham Borough Council:

  1. Declared a Climate Emergency with a 2030 target for Carbon Neutrality, backed up by a Carbon Neutral Cheltenham Report.

  2. Introduced (and maintained) a Climate Emergency cabinet position to ensure we take action as a town.

  3. Created the Cheltenham Zero Community Fund so local areas can access funding for their environment projects.

  4. Set up the Cheltenham Zero Partnership with Vision21, so we can bring together businesses and community groups to work together for the carbon neutrality target.

  5. Planting wildflower areas in parks and green spaces to encourage biodiversity.

  6. Planting trees as a lasting tribute to Covid heroes and victims, as well as working with schools to plant more trees on school land.

  7. Increasing recycling rates across the town, as well as being one of the very first councils to introduce kerbside coffee pod recycling.

  8. Providing information to residents via Clean Green Cheltenham on how to make their food go further and prevent food waste.

  9. Lobbying MPs to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill, to force the national Government to take proper action to hit climate goals.

  10. Created the Connecting Cheltenham report on sustainable transport, so we can push for better opportunities from the County Council.

  11. Working for a Honeybourne Line extension, to provide accessible active transport options for residents of Cheltenham.

  12. Retrofitting social housing for better insulation and heating, to help save energy and alleviate some of the fuel poverty crisis.

This is just some of the work we have been undertaking as a Liberal Democrat led Borough Council.

Councillor Max Wilkinson, Cabinet member for the Climate Emergency said:

"This is the biggest issue we face and I'm pleased we are doing things in Cheltenham, but there is much more for all of us to do. Please get involved and help us all to take action".

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