Conservative Council’s record on road repairs is shocking

Liberal Democrats on Gloucestershire County Council recently received support for a call to monitor more closely the council’s highways contract with Amey.

The County Council has regularly been criticised since Amey took over the road contract. Now, there have been so many complaints from residents that local councillors have had to step in.

Our roads need to be mended properly:  We all have concerns and frustrations about the state of Cheltenham’s roads. The fact is that potholes haven’t been fixed quickly and the workmanship on repairs has left a lot to be desired.

Now, the Lib Dems have told Tory bosses on the Council to impose more cash penalties if the contractor doesn’t keep up with high performance.

We are particularly pleased that the Conservatives have finally taken off their ‘rose-tinted spectacles’ to see that something needs to be done. It is time that Amey pulled up their socks and got on with the job that Cheltenham’s residents, businesses motorists, cyclists and visitors all deserve.

We are also campaigning to try and get the county council to give responsibility for road maintenance back to the people of Cheltenham via the borough council.

If you agree with us that the county council has let us down you can sign our petition below:

Cheltenham against potholes petition


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