Delivering affordable, quality housing

Our goals for the future

More good quality, affordable homes are desperately needed here in Cheltenham if we are to be a truly thriving town that meets the needs of all its people. Under Liberal Democrat leadership, the Borough Council has committed itself to providing 500 more affordable homes over the next few years, with an investment available of £180 million.

✓ 116 affordable homes have been built or acquired in the last five years.

✓ Despite the difficulties of the Covid lockdown we are continuing to make good progress, including 8 homes completed on brownfield land at Ingleburgh Mews and 27 homes under development on the Monkscroft Villas site.

✓ Currently we have a current pipeline of around 368 affordable homes to be delivered within 5 years from April 2021 onwards.

✓ In addition, more affordable homes will be delivered as part of the redevelopment of the Golden Valley site, which we are continuing to progress.

✓ As part of this programme, we aim to build our first zero carbon homes – helping the fight against climate change.


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