We can get through this together

Margaret Thatcher famously once said ‘There’s no such thing as society.’ She was wrong. 

Along with my ward colleague Peter Jeffries, I have spent time during the last month at the Springbank Community Food Bank, helping to provide food and other essential items to those families who most need it. To date, we have distributed over 1000 emergency food and supply parcels. Mostly, but not exclusively, in the West of Cheltenham. Search for Springbank Community Food Bank on Facebook to find more details.

A crisis like this brings people together and brings out the best in human nature, with organisations all over Cheltenham, like the one in Springbank, stepping up to meet the challenge.  Some were there already but others have come together in their own communities, either in person or online as a result of the current situation.

At the moment, for many of us, every day feels like a Sunday. The Sunday’s before Sunday Trading.  The days when we had to search for that one little corner shop that still had milk or go without.  When Sunday afternoons were the time to visit Grandparents or fall asleep on the sofa while watching TV.

There are many Key workers keeping the essentials going and we are very grateful for the work they do, though for many of us, this is a far slower pace of life, one that may suit us for now. However, as well as looking out for others, we must look after ourselves too. This means varying our days so they don’t all feel like a Sunday afternoon.  Whether that’s taking some exercise, gardening, reading a book or just spending time talking to your loved ones and friends, either those in the house or remotely via phone or video chat.

If you do know someone who is isolated and in need of help during this crisis or if you want to volunteer some time yourself  then please contact the Gloucestershire Community Help Hub, online at: www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/gloucestershires-community-help-hub/ or telephone 01452 583519.

Stay safe everyone and hopefully we can get through this together.

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