Give NHS heroes a pay rise

1% pay rise is an insult to our NHS heroes says Lib Dems.

Liberal Democrats have slammed the Conservative Government's insulting pay offer to NHS workers.

Councillor Paul Baker said:

"In our country’s hour of need, our NHS nurses and doctors have been there for us. A decent pay rise is the least we can do for them in return.

"Boris Johnson was happy to stand outside No. 10 and clap for carers but his 1% pay offer is a slap in the face for those same people.

"Who can possibly think that £6 a week is a reasonable pay rise for the NHS staff who continue to make incredible sacrifices, working under dangerous and intensely stressful conditions?

"The Government wasted £37 billion on a privately-run Test and Trace system that never worked. That alone amounts to £125,000 per nurse.

"The Conservatives are happy to talk up the NHS when it suits them, but actions speak louder than words. The Government should do the decent thing and give our NHS heroes the proper pay rise they deserve."


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