Lib Dems plan boost to High Street

Liberal Democrat-led Cheltenham Borough Council has agreed to allocate half a million pounds towards improving the High Street, especially the paving.  The money will come from the proceeds of recent sales of council land.

The proposal comes as a result of work recently done by the Cheltenham Development Task Force to identify ways to unlock economic growth in the town.

The Task Force has looked at the whole of the High Street, from the end of Tewkesbury Road to the Sandford Park entrance near London Road. It has identified a large number of opportunities for improving the local environment and boosting the High Street as a commercial area.

The aim is to work with the County Council and with private investors to co-ordinate improvements and pool resources.  The High Street/Ambrose Street junction and the section of High Street between Henrietta Street and Bennington Street (the frontage of the Brewery development phase 2, which is now under way) have been identified as offering opportunities for improvement.  So has the Strand, where the paving is in a poor and unsightly condition.

Councillor John Rawson, who presented the proposals to the Council, said: “This is a Council that believes in supporting traders, business growth and jobs in the town.  And we know that with the Brewery phase 2 development, and with other private investment likely in the next few years, the scope for revitalising our High Street is enormous. 
“By working in partnership, taking advantage of private investment, and levering in additional money, we believe this investment will make a really big difference.”

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