Lib Dems table no confidence motion in Government

The Liberal Democrats, alongside the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Green party, have tabled a motion of no confidence in the Conservative Government.

The Government has challenged the Labour Party to table a real ‘no confidence’ motion. We have now done that for them.

Jeremy Corbyn need only add his name, and the debate and vote would happen before Christmas.

If he fails, it will be yet more evidence that his recalcitrance is really a ruse to avoid supporting a People’s Vote.

The British people now want the final say on Brexit – and millions of Labour supporters will be frustrated that it is Corbyn and his acolytes who are standing in the way.

Cheltenham Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate Max Wilkinson said: “Whether you voted leave or remain, you didn’t vote for this chaotic leadership of our country. Labour won’t trigger a vote to bring down a government that is clinging to power, so it’s down to the other opposition parties to step up and act to avert a disastrous Brexit.”
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