Tories don't like Lib Dem led anti-Brexit marches

Thousands of demonstrators descended on Manchester for the first day of the Conservative party conference, demanding a second Brexit referendum and an end to the Government’s austerity policies.

Speaking to The Independent, Sir Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat leader, described the anti-Brexit rally as a “peaceful” and “dignified” demonstration. 

“I think we want the voice of all these people are heard,” he added. “I think it’s important we keep fighting. We accept the negotiations are taking place, but at the end of it we want the British people to have a say.”

He continued: ”We’re all very well aware the Tories are meeting in Manchester; there is a big gathering of people here from all parties – Labour MP, some Tories – who just want their voices to be heard. 

“The main point I will be making is that we’re not citizens of nowhere as Boris Johnson and Theresa May think. We’re proud to be British and proud to be European.”

The full story in The independent can be found here

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