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These are hard times. Anyone who is furloughed and unable to work because of Covid restrictions, or who has been made redundant or is on a reduced income will be finding it tough right now. Things are not going to get easier for some while.

It can also be particularly hard if you are home-schooling children or looking after elderly relatives.

That is why organisations across Cheltenham have come together to help those who are finding life really hard at the moment.  #FeedCheltenham and our community food banks and pantries, along with Cheltenham Borough Council, Churches and Cheltenham Borough Homes, and yes, even local supermarkets are all here to help.

We make no distinction as to who is helped. Cheltenham people are our concern and we - working together - are here for all. 

If you are finding life tough, and would welcome assistance, just ask. We know lots of people would like some help, but feel too shy, or embarrassed to ask for it. It's really simple and there is help with food, some household essentials, even some furniture, and advice too. 

There are no embarrassing questions, no judgement is made, you are welcome to call, or turn up. 

We are also, through No Child Left Behind, receiving some laptops and other equipment for school children who need them. These will be distributed via local schools. 

So, how can you get help? That's simple! 

  • The Food Network has a number of locations in Cheltenham and they are there to help.
  • Cheltenham Housing Essentials project can help with household goods.
  • Cheltenham Help Hub – if you need help accessing food or prescriptions, please phone 01242 387875
  • If you need additional equipment for home-schooling, please contact your local school
  • Your local councillor can also give you advice or help. 

If you need help, advice, support during this Covid time, then do get in touch. We are here. Please just ask!

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Want to help?

- Councillor Flo Clucas, Cabinet member Healthy Lifestyles

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