New Lib Dem leader Vince Cable

 New Lib Dem leader Vince Cable will lead the fight to change the direction of Britain


Vince Cable has set out his priorities for a better future for Britain as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Vince - widely respected for his experience and economic expertise - wants the Lib Dems to lead on Brexit, education, climate change and the NHS.


“I am ambitious for Britain, and I want the Liberal Democrats to represent the many millions of people who share our values,” Vince said.

“The Conservatives are in disarray - more focused on infighting than leading the country. And Labour are backing the Conservatives all the way on Brexit. They support leaving the single market.

“With the economy approaching the Brexit iceberg, only the Liberal Democrats will make the case for taking the country in a new direction.

“And we must make sure Brexit does not mean we lose sight of other vital issues like securing fairer funding for the NHS, especially mental health and social care.

“The Lib Dems would put 1p on income tax to raise an extra £6 billion a year for our NHS. And with our schools under severe financial pressure, we will lead the fight for extra teachers and funding aimed at supporting those who need it most.

“The Liberal Democrats offer a compassionate, positive vision for the future. Investment in public services, support for businesses to create jobs and action to protect the environment.

“For anyone who shares our values and our aims I ask you to join us and help make them a reality. With your help, we can affect real, positive change for Britain.”

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