Helping Cheltenham recover from the pandemic

Our goals for the future

During the past year, while the whole world was struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic, Cheltenham Liberal Democrats have worked to reduce its impact on local people. And that vital work is still continuing, protecting jobs and helping local businesses bounce back from the crisis.

✓ Under Liberal Democrat leadership, Cheltenham Borough Council has played its part in supporting the county-wide help hub, aimed at helping communities to support each other.

✓ We have worked with partners to ensure no-one was sleeping rough during the pandemic.

✓ We have provided resilience grants to help charities and local groups to rapidly meet community needs.

✓ We were the first council in the country to start paying out business grants to help businesses that were struggling during the pandemic. We have now paid 8,400 grants.

✓ We introduced changes to planning rules to allow businesses to set up temporary structures to allow distancing, setting an example that was later adopted nationally.

✓ We were one of the first councils in the country to agree a recovery strategy, using council assets to help protect services and major projects investing in local economy.

✓ We have provided more and easier options for public to make and receive payments.


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