Springbank needs to stay in Cheltenham!

The Boundary Commission for England has today proposed that Springbank ward in the west of Cheltenham should join rural villages like Stanton, Twyning and Boddington in the Tewkesbury parliamentary constituency.

Lib Dem parliamentary candidate Martin Horwood said: "This is a crazy plan.  Springbank residents shop, work and live in Cheltenham not the rural areas of Gloucestershire.  They have almost nothing in common with small villages like Twyning or Stanway.  All Saints Academy in Springbank serves the whole of Cheltenham not the rural area. 

"Springbank has never been a separate village like Swindon Vilage or Prestbury or even Charlton Kings.  It has been an integral part of Cheltenham since it was built.  The Boundary Commission admit themselves they are just doing it to make the map work.  They are playing musical chairs with our town and paying no attention to natural communities."

"I was knocking on doors in Springbank only last week.  I don't recall anyone mentioning farm subsidies or rural bus services.  I would strongly urge everyone to object to this daft plan."

Local Councillor Suzanne Williams added "Springbank has always been part of Cheltenham since the area was built.  Local residents in  Springbank use shops and services in Cheltenham - from Coronation Square to the High Street and from Cheltenham General Hospital to Cineworld.  I urge everyone in the area to complain to the boundary commission about these ludicrous proposals.”

You have you say by writing to:

The Boundary Commission for England
35 Great Smith Street

Or comment online at: 2018 Boundary Review

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