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Our goals for the future

Over the past 10 years, the pressures on council finances from government cutbacks have been enormous. More recently the lockdown has caused a huge drop in council income, only partly made up for by government grants. Yet throughout this time, far-sighted Liberal Democrat leadership on Cheltenham Borough Council has protected our local services and increased efficiency while avoiding large increases in council tax. In particular:

✓  The Council won 2 different awards for being ‘Best Commercial Council’ in 2019, based on success of imaginative investments. All of these investments were made in Cheltenham, supporting the local economy and generating a return for council tax payers.

✓ An external review showed the council’s street cleaning service through Ubico providing excellent value for money. 

✓ We maximised use of our council offices by letting out parts of building.

✓ We introduced the Cheltenham Lottery which provides extra income for many local charities and community groups.

✓ We were the first council to invest in peer-to-peer lending to support new local businesses.

✓ We have used technology to provide more ways to access council services.

✓ We have also strengthened democratic accountability, by webcasting council meetings so that people can see council decisions being made.


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