The great parking rip-off just got worse!

The Tory County Council proposes a plague of new parking meters across the town centre.

On-street parking charges in Cheltenham already contribute more than £1.5 million a year to Tory-run Gloucestershire County Council's coffers.  And now, not satisfied with this, Shire Hall’s Tory bosses are proposing a huge expansion of on-street parking across the west side of the town centre.

Streets that have been targeted in the County Council’s proposals include parts of Parabola Road, Overton Road, Christ Church Road, Douro Road, Malvern Place, Lansdown Parade, Lansdown Crescent, Malvern Road, St George’s Road, Lower High Street, Burton Street, Devonshire Street. New Street, Clarence Street, St James’ Square, St George’s Place, Crescent Terrace and Royal Well Place.

Under the published proposals, the charges, which start at £1 an hour, would apply 8 am to 8 pm, seven days a week.


Already Cheltenham people, businesses and visitors are being ripped off by the Tories at Shire Hall.  A Liberal Democrat question to the Conservative administration earlier this year revealed that in 2014 pay and display machines for on-street parking in Cheltenham raised £1.34 million. Add in the money that the County Council raises from parking permits and waivers and the figure totals than £1.5 million a year.

  • The County Council only has pay and display machines in Cheltenham, Gloucester and Cotswold District and just under two thirds of its income from the machines comes from Cheltenham.

If the current proposals go through, Cheltenham will become even more of a cash cow for Shire Hall Tories. Yet the town seems to get very little benefit from this bonanza, as many of the town’s roads and pavements continue to be in a disgraceful condition.

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