Should you be on the utility companies Priority Services Register?

We all rely on utility companies for Water, Electricity and Gas, but the winter weather reminds us that some people are more vulnerable than others, and may need extra help or support, especially if there is a supply interruption.

Did you know that this support is there via the Priority Services Register?

If your household is eligible, you just need to sign-up.

We would encourage those households who meet the criteria to sign up, as while these utilities are generally very reliable, if there are issues then being on the Priority Services Register allows the utility companies to prioritise getting help to those who need it the most.

Households can join if they include:

  • Someone who is of pensionable age
  • Children under 5 years old
  • Someone living with a chronic medical condition or who is disabled

How to join:

If your household doesn't meet the criteria, would any of your relatives, friends or neighbours qualify?

Cllr David Willingham said "I recently helped my parents sign up to the Priority Services Register after they had a problem with their water supplier.  I am sure that some people are not aware of this assistance, and I hope raising awareness of it will help other families in Cheltenham."

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