Warden Hill Road – Speed reductions confirmed

The County Council carried out a survey following the implementation of the new traffic calming scheme. This stated that ‘ Speed data was reviewed before and after the works were undertaken.

Average speeds in advance of the works being undertaken were 30.5mph in both directions, post works surveys were undertaken at two locations with average speeds of 22mph and 21.7mph recorded highlighting a 8.65mph reduction in average speeds’.

  • It also concludes ‘In summary the traffic calming has had a significant impact on traffic speeds and this in turn has reflected in reduced noise levels.

It is too early to assess the impact on road traffic collisions, however the data collected to date supports the implementation of vertical traffic calming features particularly in sensitive urban areas.’

This is still early days and Iain and Tony will survey residents again next year to ensure that these improvements are maintained and monitor if additional steps are required.

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