Max's Plan for affordable homes

Home is where the heart is, and it's no wonder so many people fall in love with living in Cheltenham. We need a plan to deliver the new green affordable homes Cheltenham needs to become more prosperous than ever and enable residents to grow up and raise their families here.

We’re facing a real housing crisis that the Conservative government has failed to tackle. For too many young people and families, getting onto the housing ladder feels impossible.

Max cares deeply about housing. He himself struggled to get on the housing ladder, facing sky high rents and huge contract fees. As a Cheltenham Borough Councillor, Max has secured over £100million to create new affordable homes here in Cheltenham for young people and families. 

As Cheltenham's first ever Cabinet Member for Climate Emergency, Max delivered an ambitious new planning strategy that makes it easier than ever to build and retrofit homes in Cheltenham to the highest climate standards. Cheltenham Borough Homes is delivering its first ever zero-carbon council homes, with more to come!

Cheltenham needs an MP who is determined to deliver affordable sustainable homes in Cheltenham.

Everyone in Cheltenham deserves a safe and affordable place to live. I'm proud of the work Cheltenham Borough Council is doing to deliver more affordable homes, but the Government could be doing so much more for young people and families caught up in this cost of housing crisis.

Max Wilkinson