Max's Plan to tackle the climate crisis

The world is experiencing a climate emergency. We cannot ignore this huge problem anymore. Experts expect South West England will be up to 2 degrees warmer in just 30 years. That might not sound like much, but it will mean risks to our residents from air pollution, from flooding, and to our wildlife.

As Cheltenham's first ever Cabinet Member for the Climate Emergency, Max played a leading role in shaping Cheltenham's ambitious plan to protect our environment. Max led the Council to declare a climate emergency, and established an ambitious plan to make Cheltenham a carbon neutral town by 2030. As Cheltenham's previous walking and cycling champion, he continues to work closely with residents to boost more environmentally friendly transport in our town.

Cheltenham needs an MP with an ambitious plan to accelerate Cheltenham's net-zero future - who doesn't support fracking, or dumping sewage in the Chelt.

Without a clear pathway to net-zero by 2030 we won't be able to build a world our children deserve to grow up in. I believe we can get there, with an inclusive plan that brings together business and communities to create a sustainable future for our town.

Max Wilkinson