Max's Plan for our NHS

There is no issue closer to the hearts of local residents than our NHS. But years of Conservative under investment, looming cuts to local services and GP shortages have left people in Cheltenham concerned for the future.

You can't help but be in awe of the heroes that kept our NHS going through the pandemic. In the face of great personal risk, they worked every hour possible to help the country in our hour of need.

NHS staff and patients have been let down by the Conservative Government and the system is in crisis. People are waiting weeks for a simple GP referral, ambulances can take hours to arrive, people are even having to do their own dentistry bcecause they can't get an appointment.

All we have has from the Conservatives is a string of broken promises. The Conservatives previously told us they could have our 24/7 A&E reinstated, it was our current MP's key election promise, but there is no sign of that happening.

Cheltenham needs an MP who will work around the clock to fix these problems.

Nothing is more important to me than protecting our NHS and making sure people get help when they need it.

Max Wilkinson