Cheltenham’s exciting new Private Rented Sector homes

In line with one of our election manifesto pledges, Liberal Democrat run Cheltenham Borough Council is delighted to announce that we have delivered the first Private Rented Sector homes ever built by the authority.

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Coming Soon: Our First Carbon Neutral Council Houses

Imagine what it would be like if you had a warm home all year round, with little or no energy bill regardless of the weather outside. And imagine if you knew your home was having no negative impact on the world’s carbon emissions, while it was providing positives for nature. It might sound like a utopian future, but it’s not...

Our first carbon neutral council homes have been awarded planning permission.

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Protecting Green Spaces

Alex Chalk MP called out for voting in favour of sewage being dumped in local rivers.

Rivers in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and across the UK are now under more threat as government fails to take action on water companies. Alex Chalk MP must change his position ahead of the next vote in Parliament.

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Remembering Sir David Amess

Combining real passion with genuine kindness is hard to pull off but Sir David Amess managed it. 

The tributes following his awful murder this week are genuine. Politics has its big egos and sharp elbows. Some busily climb the ‘greasy pole’ to high office while others can barely speak to their opponents. David Amess was different, always greeting even those of us who disagreed with him with a ready smile.

He was a familiar face in Westminster not least because he often put in long hours chairing those interminable bill committees without which legislation would grind to a halt.  David remained charming throughout.

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Carbon Neutral Homes

Our homes are the most important places for us. They give us shelter, provide comfort and keep us healthy.  They’re also a big contributor to our carbon footprint.

That’s why homes and housing is a key part of our work towards a carbon neutral Cheltenham.

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Honeybourne Line extension moving forward.

We are close to securing the extension of the Honeybourne Line, to help boost walking and cycling in Cheltenham.

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Weeds, Bees and Biodiversity

Looking after nature while making sure our town still looks neat and tidy is a fine line to tread.  We know we have to do more to look after insects and pollinators, like bees, but we also know that we have a duty to stop weeds growing wild across the pavement, creating an unpleasant look and trip hazards.

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Lib Dem led Cheltenham Borough Council awarded for working together during the pandemic.

Liberal Democrat led Cheltenham Borough Council were awarded silver in the Working Together category at the prestigious iESE Awards, aimed at celebrating local authorities and public services from across the UK.

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Relocation of Afghan Families (Scheme 2)

Everyone in Cheltenham should rightly be very proud of our Town of Sanctuary status.

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World-class regeneration

Local Community Action Group saves Precious Green space

A Community Action Group, The Fairview Community Association and local Councillor Barbara Clark have managed to put a halt to the auction of The Green at the front of Westdown Gardens.

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Alex Chalk breaks promise to people of Cheltenham over unfair tax hike.

Cheltenham Liberal Democrats have slammed local Conservative MP Alex Chalk’s choice to break his promise to the electorate and vote for a 1.25% rise in National Insurance.

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7,010 people in Cheltenham face "heartless" government Universal Credit cut

As many as 16% of hard-pressed families across Cheltenham face being left worse off when the government end the uplift to Universal Credit next month. 

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Cheltenham’s Lib Dem leader calls on Johnson, Raab and Patel to do more for Afghan refugees.

Cheltenham’s Lib Dem leadership has written to senior members of the government to ask them to do more in support of Afghan refugees.

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Award Winning Cemetery and Crematorium

Afghan refugees are welcome in Cheltenham

Cheltenham Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government to make a more ambitious commitment to resettle refugees fleeing the Taliban, and to give Cheltenham Borough Council extra funding to house and support them here.

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Safer Streets

Anyone who attended the Vigil for Sarah Everard at Pittville Pump Room earlier this year, will remember the deep anguish felt for her loss, for her family and for her community. She should have been safe making her way home one evening from being with friends. She wasn’t.

Speaking to people at the Vigil, I was struck by what they felt was a lack of understanding of the situation by those in a position to make our streets safer. The voice of women and girls was unheard they said; their experiences unknown to those who make decisions. 

Cheltenham Council has looked at what can be done to change the situation, to counter the lack of input by girls and women into how to make our town safer for all. 

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Night-Time Economy

Hand me the glow sticks, the clubs are back!

You'll be relieved to know I'm not going to subject Cheltenham to my unique variant of dad dancing any time soon but the lifting of most Covid restrictions did take me on a daytime visit to some local venues along with council officers recently.

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Lib Dem council rejects toxic Conservative planning reforms

Cheltenham Liberal Democrats are calling for the Conservative government’s planning reforms to be scrapped.  The Lib Dems want a better deal on affordable homes and the environment, with a bigger say for communities.

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